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Though we are unable to hold our ceremony in-person this April, we would like to honor and recognize our 2020 recipients. This page recognizes student academic and activities awards; please visit the SUTASA Recipients page to view winners of those awards. Please view the official ceremony program and scroll below for pictures and statements from award winners. Please note that the Chancellor’s Awards committee is exploring options for an in-person ceremony at a later date.

Recipient Gallery and Statements


Christian Agosto-Burgos

The Boka W. Hadzija Award for Distinguished University Service

Many people have inspired me, but Dr. Jessica Harrell and Dr. Ashalla Freeman made me discover one of my most valuable passions: increasing diversity in STEM. For that, I will always be thankful.






Caroline Allen

The Alexander Julian Prize

I think what has inspired me the most at Carolina is the general atmosphere, and constantly being surrounded and challenged by incredibly talented professors. Specifically Lien Truong and Mario Marzan are two professors that have helped me grow the most, not only as an artist, but as an investigator.






Romeo AntoliniRomeo Antolini

The Josephus Daniels Scholarship Medal

My biggest motivation at Carolina was always to be a better student, midshipman, and person every day. I wanted to always be able to look back and know I did my best.







Sage Atkins

Sage Atkins

The Edward McGowan Hedgpeth Award

My peers at Carolina continually inspire me to work hard and apply myself to service through their dedication and enthusiasm to serve the community.






Princess AveryPrincess Avery

The George R. Livas Award

While at Carolina, the faculty and staff at UNC School of Nursing have inspired me.Their unwavering support and encouragement has molded me into a caring and competent future nurse.







Alexandra BarnesAlexandra Barnes

The Bernard Boyd Memorial Prize

While at Carolina, I was constantly inspired by the brilliant professors in the religious studies and history departments. My time as a tar heel would not have been the same without the endless support, challenges, encouragement, and wisdom they all shared with me; I am immensely grateful for their impact.






Faith BittingerFaith Bittinger

The James M. Johnston Distinguished Senior Award in the Nursing Program

As a nursing student, I was greatly inspired by the nurses who I met in my learning experience and am excited to be able to follow in their footsteps of providing excellent nursing care.






Olwen C. Blessing

The Paul Debreczeny Prize in Slavic Languages and Literatures

I was inspired by the kindness and intellectual depth of both Stanislav Shvabrin and Irene Masing-Delic.







Hayley BolandHayley Boland

The Panhellenic Council Woman of the Year Award

The strong women on our campus, as well as the potential to spark change at Carolina are things that always inspired me. This is what drove me to become Panhellenic President, so I could help create important changes in the community that had already given me so much.






Mercer Brady

The Cazel Prize for Excellence in History

While at Carolina I have been grateful for the support I have received from the History Department. I would like to thank Dr. Hagemann, Dr. King, and Dr. Brundage especially as they were all instrumental in the completion of my thesis.






Carolyn Bucknall

The Undergraduate Prize in Art History

I have had the great privilege to study with the excellent professors at Carolina. I especially appreciate Dr. Levine from the Art History department who has consistently gone above and beyond to nurture my intellectual curiosity, support my professional goals, and provide all students with a space that supports mental, emotional, and intellectual health.





EEmma Caponigromma Caponigro

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

While at Carolina, I was inspired by a desire to enforce positive change on campus and the ability to empower those around me to do the same.







Angela Chin

The Class of 1938 Joseph F. Patterson, Jr. and Alice M. Patterson International Leadership Award

My grandparents Shirley and Benjamin Marable inspired me while I was at Carolina. Neither of them have had the opportunity to go to a 4-year institution or travel the world so, receiving the international leadership award from UNC means a lot to my family and me.




Evan Colby

The Eben Alexander Prize in Greek

I would like to thank all of my professors who supported and guided me  throughout my four years at UNC.







Addie ColemanAddie Coleman

The Howard W. Odum Undergraduate Sociology Award

I have been inspired by countless instructors and classmates at UNC. I’m extra grateful to Dr. Robert Hummer and Dr. Taylor Hargrove for allowing me to explore my passion for health research. I will carry all that I have learned with me into my future educational and professional experiences.






Princess Collins

The National Pan-Hellenic Council Award

I was inspired to succeed by those before me who were denied admission into UNC-Chapel Hill because of the color of their skin.







Caleb CoxCaleb Cox

The Venable Medal









Jack Davidson

The Interfraternity Council Man of the Year Award

Our overall student culture is highly empathetic. We were motivated to direct that empathy and address health & wellness risks.






Ryn Dial-StanleyRyan Dial-Stanley

The Peter C. Baxter Memorial Prize in American Studies

My inspiration was to serve the Native community at Carolina and be a roll model for further Indigenous students.







Hayes Dunlevy

Hayes Dunlevy

The Earl Slocum Band Award

Each day, I find new inspiration from the faculty in the department of music. Everyone there has taught me that learning is a process has no end, and that leadership is a quality that one possess long before they receive any title.







Jaylen EvansJaylen Evans

The Walter S. Spearman Award

Desire for change, a growth mentality, and unshakeable faith have inspired my Carolina experience. Furthermore, my mother, family, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. by way of the Mu Zeta Chapter, the Carolina Union, my mentors, friends, and HPM cohort together have served as my village I needed to support my triumphs.






Agnes Ezekwesili

The George Moses Horton Award for Multicultural Leadership

I was inspired by the tenacity that I saw each day at Carolina. Whether it was overcoming academic, relational, physical, financial, psychological challenges and more, I was face to face daily with individuals whose faith and hope motivated them to make their own unique contributions to a better world.






Donald L Fejfar

The Marty Pomerantz Sport Clubs Council Achievement

As many of us know, since deciding to come to Carolina in March of 2017 we have had a lot of ups and downs. I look back 4 years to men’s basketball’s national championship redemption after my fellow Iowan Marcus Paige nearly won it a year early. Little did I know, this would be followed by issues with monuments on campus, water shortages, hurricanes, a global pandemic, and much more. However, through all these times, the resilience and brilliance of communities like my fellow students and friends, Chapel Hill neighborhoods like Northside, CDS workers, and my many gracious mentors have proven how home-like and inspiring the Carolina community can be.




Richard Fernández

The Keith Shawn Smith Award for Community Development and Mentorship

My time at Carolina has been shaped by many mentors and mentees from whom I have learned so much and received much guidance to allow me to have the impact that I do. Iron sharpens iron and I am grateful for my inspirations at Carolina that have sharpened me to this point.






Peyton Furtado

The Willie P. Mangum Medal in Oratory

DiPhi has been my family since the end of freshman year. I’ve never been supported by such an intelligent, curious, encouraging group of people.







Elizabeth Keyton Glover

The Marc Adam Eisdorfer Award in Linguistics

During my time at Carolina, I have strived for excellence because of my passion for learning and knowledge, as well as the support from my many amazing professors. I have also been inspired by my goal of becoming a speech language pathologist and applying the knowledge I’ve gained here to help people.





Nicole Greene

The Patrick F. Earey Award

During my time at UNC, I was given several opportunities to participate in community service. This inspired me to always give back to the community thereby fulfilling the tenet of Luke 12:48, “To whom much is given, much shall be required.”






Kira Nicole Griffith

The Robert White Linker Award

As an out of state student from St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands, I am inspired every day to help other students discover their sense of identity and community within the Carolina family. I am profoundly humbled and honored to accept this prestigious award.






Arjun Guidroz

The Albert Suskin Prize in Latin

Seneca the Younger wrote, “O felicem qui sic aliquem vereri potest ut ad memoriam quoque eius se componat atque ordinet!” [Blessed is he who can so revere another that he puts himself in order and governs himself at the memory of the other.] Dr. Al Duncan, with his effusive kindness, and Dr. Benjamin Frey, with his boundless perspicuity, have guided me toward becoming a more compassionate and thoughtful individual, and I shall always keep them in mind.




Dwayne D. Hamilton, Jr.

The Ernest L. Mackie Award

The implicit biases that faculty, staff, and students of color face have inspired me to do work in positions that closely partner with administrators. Although these biases are often unconscious, the knowledge of them is not and working to spread that information more that it has been is a driving factor in the roles I occupy.





Katie Hoeg

The Jim Tatum Memorial Award

I would like to thank the UNC women’s lacrosse family, especially my teammates and coaches, for challenging me to be the best version of myself. I would also like to thank my family for being my inspiration to succeed and my unconditional support.   






Kamellia Karimpour

The Rodger A. Davis Memorial Award

I chose to come to UNC because of Dr. Naji Husseini, a faculty in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. His words truly inspired me and helped me see that UNC is an intellectually challenging environment filled with wonderful, supportive people. As soon as I arrived, I had the great opportunity to work in the Dayton Lab, under the direct supervision of Dr. Virginie Papadopoulou, who has been an amazing mentor for me and has encouraged me to pursue my passion for research.





Elizabeth Kendrick

The John Johnston Parker, Jr. Medal for Unique Leadership in Student Government

During my time at Carolina, my fellow students and peers within Student Government have served as a constant source of inspiration. I feel incredibly fortunate to have studied and worked alongside some of the most hardworking people I’ve ever met. Thank you to all of my family and friends for making my last 3.75 years at Carolina the best years of my life!





D. Ben Knoble

The Jacques Hardré Undergraduate Award for Excellence in French

I have been particularly inspired by faculty in the French and CS departments who helped me explore the expressive power of language and discover the great joy of communication during my time at Carolina. I can confidently say these are lessons I will always carry with me.




Ryan Joseph Kramer

The Worth Award

My peers time and again inspire me through their passion, strength, and depth of character. Carolina, for me, is about the people, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have joined a lifelong community.






Kent Linton

The J. Maryon Saunders Award

Carolina possesses an opportunity for every kind of individual no matter his/her interests. This robust offering was self-fulfilling as it created unique relationships, healthy competition, and avenues for personal growth.






Thomas R Marshall

The Paul E. Shearin Outstanding Senior Award in Physics

The inspiration and help I received from my professors and my friends while at Carolina are what made my experience so incredible. The people at UNC are absolutely what makes it the best university in the country.





Heather Mayo

Marc Adam Eisdorfer Award for Excellence in Linguistics








Charlie McGee

The Ernest H. Abernethy Prize in Student Publication Work

I’m grateful to have sharpened my knowledge and craft with numerous inspiring professors at UNC who remain mentors today, including Chris Roush, Carol Wolf, Laura Lee and many others. I also owe gratitude to The Daily Tar Heel, where my investigative journalism instinct has grown tremendously, and would love to shout-out everyone but give special appreciation to Erica Perel, Myah Ward, Leah Asmelash and Preston Lennon.





Sarah Michalak

The Ferebee Taylor Award

Being a member of a community that emphasizes student-led honor as much as Carolina’s does has been a privilege over the last four years. I’m continually amazed and inspired by my friends, professors, and colleagues and grateful for the lessons I’ve learned along the way.






Evelyn Morris

The Undergraduate Award in Economics








Faith Anne Newsome

Donald T. Lysle Service Award

Throughout my time at UNC-Chapel Hill, I have consistently been inspired by the passion and determination of the students that surrounded me in class and across campus. Most people I know on campus want to better the world in some way, and that inspired me to continue to try and make the changes I want to see in the world too.






Sean Nguyen

The Brenda W. Kirby Award

I have been inspired by the legacy of Asian American students, faculty, and staff at Carolina, who have worked for decades to build a sense of community.








Uzorma Owete

The James O. Cansler Service Award

My community of friends at Every Nation Campus Ministry continually inspired me during my time at Carolina. In addition to their incredible example of service and hospitality, they encouraged me to remember the call of Jesus to follow Him and live a life of service.





Michala Patterson

Edward McGowan Hedgpeth Award

The Carolina community, its passion and heart, has always inspired me to be better each and every day.






Daniel Pezzi

The Archibald Henderson Mathematics Medal








Christopher Piccirillo

The Ria Stambaugh Undergraduate Award for Excellence in German

While at Carolina I have developed the desire to understand us as people, in all of our complexity and messiness, not simply as an academic pursuit, but because people matter. This is one of the most important things I will take away from my German classes at Carolina.





Saradine Pierre

The Camões Prize in Portuguese

The faculty in the department of Portuguese have really inspired me during my time at Carolina. It is because of their enthusiasm and dedication that I’ve gained an appreciation of the Portuguese language and Lusophone culture.”







Wesley Price

The L. Richardson Preyer Award for Excellence in Political Science

My peers and professors at Carolina have consistently pushed me to think with greater nuance and creativity, and for that I am incredibly grateful.






Marco Quiroz-Gutierrez

The Ernest H. Abernethy Prize in Student Publication Work

I owe this award to all my great professors at UNC, including Chris Roush who recruited me to the business journalism program and continues to by a mentor of mine, and Deb Aikat whose MEJO 101 class encouraged me to continue with the major. I also owe a debt of gratitude to all my mentors and teammates at the DTH, most notably Erica Perel, Tyler Fleming, Maria Vizcaino and my co-editor-in-chief Emily Siegmund.




Megan Raisle

The McNally Award for Excellence in Geography

I found my home in geography. Geography people brought new ideas and community to my life everyday.






Carolyn Grace Rath

The George H. Cocolas Pharmacy Student Body Award

During my time at the UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, my professors, student organization advisors, and mentors in the Office of Curricular and Student Affairs sowed the seeds of professionalism and leadership that I will continue to nurture as I begin my pharmacy career. The patients whom I had the privilege to serve inspired me to pursue a career centered on providing compassionate care to underserved patient populations.




Odaly Esmeralda Rivas

The Multicultural Greek Council Award

While at UNC, being a first gen, student of color was never easy, but throughout my time, my family and the community I found a home in inspired me to keep going. Everything I do and have ever done, I did with my family in mind and heart, and in moments of doubt, I relied on my Hermandad, my Latinx community, and my MGC community for support, solidarity, and belief.




Kayla Rutledge

The Louis D. Rubin, Jr. Prize in Creative Writing

In my time at UNC, I’ve been inspired by the professors and students in the Creative Writing department, who are all incredibly supportive, generous, and kind.






Tamia Sanders

The Frank Porter Graham Award

My experience at UNC has been deeply inspired by all the Black undergrad and graduate students who’ve been forced to sacrifice a normal college experience in order to engage in the struggle against the white supremacist constraints of our environment. They’ve taught me what true strength, integrity, and resilience.





Colin Schilly

The Kenneth C. Royall Award

Throughout college I’ve been inspired by my brothers and sisters, all four of whom have gone to UNC as well. While our skills and interests took us on different paths, they’ve always given Chapel Hill a familiarity that allowed me to branch out and figure out who I am.





Lauren E Shappell

The George C. Marshall Award

At Carolina, my classmates and fellow cadets inspired and motivated me with their leadership, boldness, creativity, and kindness.






Tyler Shuntich

William S. Carlton Intramural Sports Employee Award

Campus Recreation inspired me to find my confidence through the workplace environment they maintain. Through working with them, I have been able to develop as an official with minimal pressure, as those whom I have worked with have both supported me and offered meaningful feedback on how to continuously improve.





Holly Simmons

The Venable Medal

Carolina has provided me with an incredible community of professors, peers, and friends that have greatly enriched my experience here. Excellent mentors, like those I work with in the Carter Lab, have been an invaluable resource and inspiration to me through my progression as a student.





Ashley Smith

The Irene F. Lee Award

Chapel Hill is a beautiful place with fantastic resources, however, it is the people I’ve met in my time at Carolina that have shaped my experience the most. Professors, coaches, mentors and most importantly, classmates and teammates, inspired me to set challenging goals, be resilient and adaptable, and cherish genuine relationships for years to come.










Graeme Strickland

The Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award

“Having the opportunity to be surrounded by amazing peers who will go out of their way to support a cause is why our community at Carolina is so strong. Being able to further the Carolina legacy of progressing humanitarian causes is a true honor and is why I’m proud to be a UNC alum.”





Ruth Tomlin

The Worth Award

I’m so grateful to have made lifelong friends at Carolina who encourage me to be the best version of myself.






Lauren Ansley Townsend

The James M. Johnston Distinguished Senior Award

As an undergraduate, I learned Tar Heels thrive off sharing in the success stories of their peers in class, on the court, and around the globe. The spirit of unity cultivated between each member of the Carolina family inspires me to pursue all future ambitions knowing that I always have a team cheering for and alongside me.





Nikolas Tsiouplis

The Irvine Hagadorn Award

Throughout my time at Carolina, Dr. Ageliki Tsagaratou has inspired me to continually challenge myself both in the classroom and the lab. Her support has allowed me to be fortunate enough to receive this honor.






TJ Tucker

The Hampton Shuping Prize

Throughout my journey at Carolina, I was constantly inspired by my peers, professors, and alumni to work harder everyday and impact the UNC community. I am so proud to be a Tar Heel and hope to give back Carolina and inspire future students at UNC Chapel Hill.





Carter Vilim

The Cornelius O. Cathey Award

I’ve always been inspired by the people around me at Carolina. Throughout my time here, I’ve been continually amazed by the work that’s been done by my peers, administrators, faculty, and staff to better our University, and I couldn’t help but try to follow in their footsteps.





Emma WarhoverEmma Warhover 

The Albert and Gladys Hall Coates Award








Hanna Elisabeth Watson

The Robert B. House Memorial Prize in Poetry

During my time at Carolina, the compassion, endurance, and commitment to God of the students in Every Nation Campus Ministry inspired much of my poetic work.






Taylor Weckstein

The Robert B. House Distinguished Service Award








Alli Whitenack

The E. Eugene Jackson Award

I am inspired by all of my fellow activists who encourage me, give me energy, and hold me accountable.






Kendall Williams

The Peter C. Baxter Memorial Prize in American Studies

I want to thank all of my family members, friends, mentors, and professors who inspire me daily and encourage me to go after my dreams. In all thy ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct thy paths. Proverbs 3:6






Lizzie Wilson

The Edward Kidder Graham Award

During my four years at Carolina, I have been a leader in Helping Give Away Psychological Science, or HGAPS, a club and non-profit that disseminates evidence-based psychological science to those in need. Seeing so many motivated students and professionals alike change lives by making science more accessible to the general public has inspired me, and has shaped the trajectory of my life and career immensely.




Ezra Wright

The Mary Turner Lane Award in Women’s and Gender Studies

The Sterling A. Stoudemire Award for Excellence in Spanish

Professor Emil Keme inspired me to always consider the structures of power and privilege at work in my everyday life. He and many other professors in the Departments of Romance Languages and Women and Gender Studies gave me the tools to challenge the postcolonial institutions that harm and silence so many people.




Amy Yu

The Jane Craige Gray Memorial Award

I’m endlessly inspired by my friends and family, professors, and mentors who remind me of the importance of working towards achieving equity–from the simplest daily acts to initiatives held on a large-scale community level.